George Chuck also stands at the helm of a trusted brand, Yardboy Entertainment Solutions. Yardboy has been the key to many of the Mississippi's most successful high-profile events by providing all aspects of special event production, consulting and marketing. YardBoy has produced a broad range of entertainment programs and special events including festivals, themed events and seasonal programming for notable clients such as:

- Mississippi Greek Weekend
- Gentlemen Jack
- Children's Defense Fund
- Dreamz JXN


Other ventures include:

Suite 106 Lounge (

Suite 106, off Terry Road on the citys south side, is the vision of Jason Thompson, his two brothers Ahmad and Saddi, and George Chuck. The Suite isnt a club or a bar; its not quite a lounge, either. It's an urban hang spot.

Jackson-N-Crowd (
The main objective of Jackson-N-Crowd (JNC) is to deliver new and upcoming events to Jacksonians and throughout the state of Mississippi.  The website is designed to the inside track on all of the hot events.  JNC encompasses the elite urban sector, the 40-hr-week Alums, the avid 9-5ers and the everyday entrepreneur with a social hunger for upscale and classy entertainment.


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